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Magical Memories by Alexis Corinne will be at Otakon this year (again!)

DSC00144 by Alexis Corinne, on Flickr

DSC00169 by Alexis Corinne, on Flickr

Thursday - times unknown as of now please contact me only solo cosplayers to talk about times

10 am booked
11 am booked
12 pm possibly booked
2 pm - Sugar Blossom Cosplay and Group
4pm possibly booked

Solo Shoot -1 person
$40 - $10 for extra person
30 minuet session
Includes high quality and professionally retouched images in a specially made gallery just for you!

Group Shoot (minumum of 3 people)
$20 per person in shoot with a minimum of 3
Session will include group photos and breakouts so each cosplayer can have a mini shoot
60 minuet session (may extend longer if there are larger amounts of people)

How to book me? Please contact me through my facebook page with amessage talking about how many people are you getting photographed, what cosplays, who are the people actually in the shoot and what are their cosplays, what day and time would you like! I like to research characters for posing ideas

Facebook Page!

DSC00176 by Alexis Corinne, on Flickr

DSC00188 by Alexis Corinne, on Flickr

DSC00189 by Alexis Corinne, on Flickr

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