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At wits end with dogs

I know this is way WAY off topic even for an Off Topic Forum but I'm literally crying and don't know where else to turn for help on this.

I just recently moved into my own apartment (a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen/living room) about a month and a half ago and have loved living on my own so far. I do get a bit homesick occasionally but having my two dogs, Chestnut and Juju, around has helped make the transition easier and more comfortable.

Chestnut and Juju are both rescues and I've had my share of challenges arise but we've always been able to overcome them (things from fighting over who gets to eat first, to who gets the sofa, etc).

But this morning I ended up on my wood floor, both knees skinned and bleeding, after trying to seperate the two of them again.

They both sleep in the bedroom with me. They don't sleep in my bed because I toss and turn a lot and don't want to accidently smoosh them in the night. And they won't sleep in the same bed together. Juju, the older one by about a year, is VERY possessive. He'll sit on the sofa, my bed, or their dog bed, and if Chestnut gets too close, he'll growl in warning. And if, like what happened this morning, Chestnut invades his space, they'll start fighting violently and I'll have to break them up by pulling them apart.

To have to wake up from a great dream to the sound of your dogs fighting and tearing the shit out of each other even though they've shared the same home for more then 12 years just makes me so upset.

Option 1- I've tried is getting 2 beds. But whatever bed Chestnut seems to favor, Juju will run to first and growl from.

Option 2- I've seperated the two beds. One is on the floor of my closet and the other by my bed. I'll put Juju in the closet bed and shut the door, leaving it open just a crack so he can get in and out for drinks of water at night. Chestnut will take the bed next to my bed. This option has worked the longest up until recently when Juju will come out of the closet bed and decide that he likes the bed by mine better.

I seriously don't know what to do and it hurts me to see my two best friends can't share and live together peacefully. I need Cesar Millan...
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