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Originally Posted by Lithium Flower View Post
Caging one or both dogs over night will also ensure they don't attack one another and you can leave a water dish out in the cages over night.

Make sure the cages are large enough for the dogs to turn around in and lay down, put their favorite bed in it and let them get accustomed to their respective cages before keeping them in over night. Be sure the cages aren't in a place that gets particularly hot or very cold or in an area that one dog is possessive over where the other dog would be likely to wander over to. It might be best to let the most aggressive dog chose it's cage first, let it become attached to that cage and then put the other dog in the remaining cage so that your possessive dog has already formed an attachment to the cage it chose.
This. Dogs tend to like having a den-like place to be. A safe and comfortable zone. At first some may whine and cry. Your job is to not give in and give up so easily. Every night for a week or so my dog would raise hell at night for being crated. Now she goes in by herself when she wants- not just at night.
Anyways, this will keep things simple and safe for you and both of your dogs.

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