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Hey its you from the Kumori forums lol

Anyway, you could use wood for almost the entirety weapons. I'm not good with it so I can't say what's good quality, but I'm sure someone must know here..

Anyway, you could make the top part out of the wood and basically engrave the detail. That would look the best and the cleanest to me. then use a dowel and round the top of one side to match the roundess of where the "hole" thing is. Then use woog glue. I know Elmers wood glue is amazing, we have a dresser being basically held up with the stuff..Then you can use das or paperclay (basically use air-dry clay) so give it that tappered look (or whatever that's called) from the hole area, and down the handle. Then use the clay to make the little details like the raised parts on the handle. Then repeat for the second one.

Another option would be to use insulation foam in place of the wood for the top. But it's harder to make it look that smooth as easily. Then use the same of the rest. But you can actually cut a little into where the "hole" is where the dowel will go, and put it IN a little and glue it in place for more security.

The mask, I have no idea..Sorry lol
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