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Lightbulb Pax+Glowing Acrylic

Is it safe if one uses glow in the dark acrylic with Pros Aide?

I was thinking of this as I was wondering how I could make glowing tattoos or designs on this skin that would last a considerable amount of time, so I thought of PAX it being one of the toughest paints I've had to remove on myself.

Has anybody tried this?
I know the Martha Stewart paints are toxic free and it sounds like it's non hazardous I just wanting to be safe and sure.
If anybody has tried this I know glow in the dark paints have to be charged in the sun for a half hour to longer which is no problem when your outside but my question from that is how long does the glow from the paints usually last?
I would just like to know more about glow in the dark paints (I've never worked with glow in the dark paints so lots of questions)
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