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Originally Posted by Admin View Post
But what I'll do is put some stuff together this weekend and early next week in order to try and show how far things are progressing.
You really should have just said:

Originally Posted by Admin View Post
But what I'll nothing.
Because that statement is nearing a month old already...

Look, all ball busting aside, I get that there's a death in the family. That's sad. Nobody wants to deal with it, but this is just another statement that you said that you didn't back up. I'm not even sure why I'm shocked, or even pestering for progress at this point.

I can understand delays. I can understand a few days behind, a week, maybe even a month if things go sideways, but we're talking about years. I've seen movies and video games developed quicker than this place. This site has been broken for god knows how long and all we get are hollow promises with zero results. So far we have some screen shots. That's it.

So what gives? If you're not going to do anything, just say so. At least be honest about it. Instead, people ask questions and may or may not get an answer from anyone. Hell, some just go unanswered all together, even when we give detailed lists of everything wrong with this site...

So, what's going on with this site, Admin? Anything? Something? Nothing?

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