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ALA 2014 Avatar TLA/LOK Gathering

Greetings from your friendly neighborhood Dictator and seeing if any of our Avatar people would like to meet up, the day and time will NOT be concrete and i will keep you posted on any updates and changes. I will not have a poll since 60% of the time it is being ignored so post up the time and day and location(if you do not like poolside) and i will compile them.

Day: 2 Saturday
Time: 12:30
Location: Poolside

The Last Airbender
-Team Avatar
-Air Nomad
-Water Tribe
-Earth Kingdom
-Fire Nation
--Mai-Black_The_White's Friend
The Legend of Korra
-Team Avatar
--Korra-Melancholy Wish, Ayame Uchiha
-Air Temple Island
-Republic City
-Water Tribe
--Eska-Black_The_White's Friend
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