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Originally Posted by The Hag View Post
What little I played, I also liked the conversations. But I got distracted from FE:A by Soul Sacrifice which so far is pretty awesome (yay! games for the Vita!) but then I got distracted from that by Borderlands 2 which IMO is way more awesomer than the first one. The environments are better and it's a lot goofier - which were my two main complaints about the first one. They also made some minor improvements to inventory and maps so overall it's just more fun.
I've heard similiar good things about Soul Sac, but since I dont own a VITA I cannot confirm/deny it. I can confirm that FE:A is probably my game of the year, as last time I've checked, I have about 70-80 hours in it (3 playthroughs)

AND YAYYYYY for BL2 love. The humor for BL2 has stepped up a ton, and the world/supporting characters are really fleshed out. I just got it for Steam for free dollars thanks to a friend, and will probably do a run with either Maya or Zer0.
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