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Originally Posted by Throatriptron View Post
Oh, good to know about Akicon. But damn that's disappointing about Sakura Con because besides this fiasco I've heard nothing but good things.
Yea, but they aren't very active..Not many people are aware yet because they haven't really put it out there, let alone on the site..

Well, this years Sakuracon wasn't that good..Not compared to last years anyway..It seems they just didn't care as much this year..And it kinda makes sense with how they are acting now..They don't seem to want anyone to come..They refuse to direct people to ways they can get their shoots talked about, or panels talked about, and if you a lot of people don't know about those, then the ones going FOR those, won't show up..So that's THAT many less people..THEN they had to go and raise the price of the badges. I mean it was only a $5 increase, but it was hardly worth it at the prices they were already charging, now they want MORE? Blatently raising them without warning (or later reasoning) is going to put people off about them. So the ones that think it's not worth worth the extra money because they already could barely afford it, also will more then likely choose to not go. I think it's all downhill from here unless they change up their ways
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