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Smile Room Space?


I'm Serenity, but most know me as Maru-sha!
...Or the Yaoi Flag Girl, or that chick who trades out shiny pokemon.

I am looking for a spot to room in during Anime Los Angeles 2014. I'd prefer a spot on a bed due to my back condition. I am a tidy guest and I plan to be in Artist Alley during the con, so you won't see too much of me during the day hours of the con unless you plan to frequent the Artist Alley area.

For the record, I am 23 years of age and of the female type variety of the human species.

I plan to bring soda and snacks to the room as well, if so desired!

So please PM me or reply to this thread if you are gracious enough to have me room with you!

~ Maru
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