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hi guys this is my thread about my RP character that I have taken and made into a cosplay

so to start with I was writing a book and this character formed in my head and I decided to use him for roleplaying and then in a roundabout way cosplay

so to start I wrote the description in my book, he is meant to be an 8ft tall alien who looks human and usually wears camo, armour and a cloak, he carries 2 swords and is a telekinetic.
I then started to draw him trying to put as much detail into the drawings as I could at the time.

then it came to making the costume so I started to collect the items i would need to make the costume, a set of DPM combat uniform, foam for the armour and material for the cloak and leather vambraces.
so it went from something like this

to the finished product

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