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Dont mess with the Dragon
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Yay, I was waiting for this.

Let's see... I could come as Henry again. Who wants to see me act all crazy again, like I did at AX? XD
Or, and I'm pushing for this, I can come as the female MU in mid transformation. As in, she's turning into Grima. I think that would be pretty cool to try to pull off. I have 6 months to atempt this so... let's see what happens.

I love how you left out Shadow Dragon, that's hilarious. XD
I know that game gets mixed feelings, but I'm one of those fans who actually enjoyed it. XD
AX 2015 Cosplay Plans
Mangle (FNAF2) - 0%
Allen Walker 3rd uniform (D. Gray-Man) - 10%
Barbra Belcher (fem Bob from Bobs Burgers) - 0%
Dr. Francis Stein (fem Stein from Soul Eater) -100%

2015 Cons: Califur, Anime Expo, Anime California, Bent Con (maybe), Nuke the Fridge Con.

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