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I know this thread is the "Sailor Senshi" thread but no idea where to put anything for wanting to talk about cosplay the bad guys too..So I'll just do it here lol

So, I was so bored this past week (since monday) that I decided the times I am home, I will watch Sailormoon again until the time around when I go to bed..O I just finished SuperS and the SuperS movie. I watched each movie after each respective season. Anyway, I realized there were a lot of great evil characters..Like Eugeal..Totally didn't think of cosplaying her until now (I'd do the labcoat version because I am not comfortable showing stomach until I lose weight). Then Mimete (also in the Lab coat for now). Then the past version of Queen Nehelenia would be fun (only the past one because there's NO way I'm wearing a wig as long as her present self). Then Hotaru as "Mistress 9", because....Come on..How awesome right? haha I really wanted to do Fisheye too, but that outfit looks annoying to do....

Anyway, that was all..I just got kinda pumped after re-watching. Going to watch Sailor Starts next.
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