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@Aces, when winter comes you gotta get some awesome outside pictures !

@rubywings, gut reaction I'd say Daenerys - but it's up to you and what you'd have more fun doing and what you want to commit to making (and you could also factor in if you are leaning toward Show or Book interpretation - because I would say Margaery if just going by book and not considering the actresses and aesthetic choices that the Show has made). And also what you have the budget for and what you think would best fit in your skill level.


This is my first time doing embroidery if you can't tell.

On one hand I kind of hate this, on the other I get to watch the X Files. On the other hand, I think it's going to take me the better part of an entire season just to get through the row of geometric designs on the bottom, although the leaf/vine part should not be as bad.

Also, the fact that the stitches are somewhat uneven and imperfect is totally okay because it like that in close-ups. I guess Arya made it.

I think I should probably stop outlining the things - I don't think they are, they look flatter. But I suppose I could also iron it.

Edit : Added another one today - two more X Files. I considered re-watching the GoT series while doing this but I'm pretty sure that Joffrey makes me angry enough that I shouldn't be handling sharp pointy things while doing that.

I'm finding myself looking forward to doing this embroidery business. I think I'm a masochist.
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