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FE Shadow Dragon is the remake of the first Fire Emblem Game ever. It was released in America back in '09, and it's the game Marth is from. So if you get any Marth cosplayers signing up, you'll know where to put them. :3

Yeah, Shadow Dragon get's some hate cuz they made it way too similar to the original game. But come on, isn't that what the fans want, to be able to play the game as close to it's original form as possible. Eh, whatever, oppinions are oppinions.

Alrighty, I'll let you know who I'll be attending the gathering as when it gets closer to the con.

P.S. if you get any Roy cosplayers signing up for this, he's from FE Sword of Seals. Just thought I'd let you know. And I think that's all the Japanese only titles I think we'll get for this con. I kinda doubt we'll get any from FE2 - 5 unless someone decided to do their DLC versions or something. But then you can just place them under Awakening. :3
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