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Also since youíre new Iíll just let you know this would be a better question for the Cosplay Construction section probably under Costuming since itís more sewing than anything.

Reference photos help too when asking cause not everyone will know the character:

But anyhow D8 My friend and I did a Maya/Lilith cosplay recently and I helped her out with the bodysuit. That, for us, was the hardest part. If this is your first costume Iíd recommend taking your time. Itís not something thatís impossible to do if itís your first costume. I sewed Angel from Borderlands 2 from scratch and it was the first costume I had ever sewn from scratch and it was my first time working with spandex/lycra.

We started by finding a pattern at the fabric store for a leotard with long sleeves and a high neck. She bought yellow/black lycra swimsuit material. She had to double up on the yellow so it wasnít see through but you may be able to get some swimsuit lining as well, but doubling up worked fine. She basically made the suit sans sleeves/neck in all yellow. I then drew the lines where the black should sit on the suit while she wore it so we knew how it would sit on her. She then cut away the yellow where we would sew the black, pinned the black and sewed it on. The sleeve she made out of black, and the yellow bits on there we did stupidly the day of the convention and it was a pain. What we SHOULíVE done is pretty much the same method as the suit itself. I patterned the yellow bits out of paper while she wore the sleeve, the yellow part around her elbow was a pain. Iíd recommend not sewing the sleeve all the way closed cause we had to undo it to sew on the yellow then stitch it back up again XP

For the gray bits we were going to try dying white swimsuit fabric but it turned out a flesh color instead of gray for some strange reason. We instead bought a silver paint pen and painted/drew the lines and it worked great. I wished I wouldíve made them thicker and paid attention a bit more cause I messed up where the lines went around the chest area (day of the con/lack of sleep/only one paint pen XD ). Then for the Borderlandsness I just used a Sharpie and went to town. I didnít get time to finish the whole suit and I keep wanting to fix it but my friend is all LOL NO I LIKE IT HOW IT IS so yeah XD

This tutorial for appliquťs may help a bit :

Hereís her completed cosplay:

Sewing stretchy material SUCKS. If you have a machine, make sure that you have a ballpoint needle. It will help tremendously. Second, use a stretch stitch option. If you donít have one like I do, I just stretched the fabric, sewed what I stretched, stop, stretch, and repeat. Otherwise, everything else about the cosplay was pretty much thrifting. My friend got blue jeans and dyed them the right color and dyed some cheap white fabric gray for the gray bits.

I hope this helped some and good luck and ALL THE BORDERLANDS 8D
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