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Thanks guys! Sorry I'm late to get back.
I wanted to leave this link with you guys because I'm working on a project, The Senshi Project. Which is a big fun crazy group, for this round I'm making all 9 of the senshi's uniforms not counting Moon's since hers is done, Supers version this round. Next year the group will be doing Eternals! But we're a super fun mixed group but figured I might share it here with you all to show some of the different versions we do. Some of the Supers are being done in casa satin, some in cotton sateen.

2014 Cosplays for Ichibancon/Triadanimecon/Nashicon/Animazement:
Eternal Sailor Moon & Fruits Usagi, Sailor Moon.
Upgraded Magical Girl Mami, Madoka Magica.
School & SAO Asuna, Sword Art Online.
Code Black in Ashford C.C., Code Geass.
Mimori & Takamina, AKB0048.
Ballgown!TARDIS, Doctor Who.
And lots of Lolita.
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