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Smile Questions about MetroCon

Next year I'll be going out to MetroCon for the first time. I've been attending cons since 2008 so I know the general things to look out for that apply to most cons (like those who shout "FREE HUGS").

I'd be going this year, but I can't afford going to Florida at the moment (I live in Ontario, Canada!).

A couple friends are going this year (one since 2011). And the friend that has been going for a few years now, when I ask what I should be prepared for, just says "heat. Pack summer-friendly."

So, I am posting here about this.

What are things I should know about MetroCon (besides that it's awesome + Parle Productions has been in attendance the last couple of years)?

I'd like to know what sort of areas are around the convention too - my friend stays inside the convention centre for the most part, so he hasn't told me what's all there.

Any info would be helpful I want to make my first time in Florida really special! It's been a dream since I was a kid so if I don't go I will cry. I swear to god I probably would.
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