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Looking at your gallery, you seem to shoot only one way! That is the subject usually 3/4 to full body, somewhere in the frame filling up 1/3 of your photo. While there is nothing wrong with following the rules, the best photos come from experimenting. Shoot at different angles, get really close, above your subject, below them, behind them, zoom in, etc etc.

Dont think that you only have one shot, just play around. If your friends are modeling for you, then shoot them in every way you can think of. When first starting its hard to think of poses and what looks the best, I found that the best way to combat this is by just taking a ton of photos. And I mean A TON. I like to photograph people candidly and have some amazing shots because I will just take a ton of photos of the same person doing whatever. Eventually, after taking tons of photos knowing what looks good will be second nature.

Post process also helps.
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