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Need material for leather boot covers, straps, and holster

I need to make leather boot covers and several leather straps/belts for cosplaying Levi from Attack on Titan and a leather holster for Mal Reynolds, Jack Harkness, and Vash the Stampede. Can anyone recommend any specific materials?

The boot covers and straps would preferably be made of the same material, and if I could use that for the holster too, that would be fantastic but not necessary. I don't need the boot/strap material to be terribly sturdy (I can use interfacing to make the boot covers stand up better, and none of the straps will be supporting any weight other than that of themselves), but the holster needs to be stiff and strong enough to hold a prop gun made primarily of metal. I would prefer a type of faux leather that doesn't have an ugly white mesh backing for the holster.
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