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Originally Posted by skybladeace View Post
On Friday/Saturday we will all meet at the indoor fountains and on sunday we will meet at the outdoor fountains for the main battle scenes etc. so All naruto cosplayers be ready. Be there at 2:30pm on friday and saturday. On sunday be there at 1pm
Please move your Saturday shoot at Indoor Fountains elsewhere. The gathering will be too large for 4 different series in that one hour slot.

Originally Posted by bean93 View Post
The Persona shoot for midnight on Saturday is incorrect on the master list, but was posted with the correct time on this thread.

The time is correct at midnight, but the meeting place was indoor fountains, not 4th floor. If you could correct this on the master list, that would be fantastic. Thank you very much!
Sorry about that! Thanks!

Originally Posted by Janiekat View Post
When: 5pm
Where: 3rd floor terrace
You need to move your Friday one please. There are three gatherings already for Third Floor Terrace.
Hey guys! Just to let you know! I'm putting the half slots (12:30. 1;30, etc etc etc) if I think the gatherings won't have too many people or the gatherings before at the (12pm, 1PM etc shoots)will end quicker. Keep those in mind before that time slots and for the next half hour for consideration for the next group!!
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