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Originally Posted by antihelper View Post
it doesnt have to be wood or metal but i dont know anything sturdy enough otherwise
Well that changes thing lol
I work with insulation foam. Here's my Cloud sword I did using it (the only one I did for myself, the other sword I did was a commission, so this is the only one I can say for sure since I own it):
So far, I have used it at 2 conventions and it hasn't broke..Also, one con, it was raining and really really windy..Still didn't break..The stuff is way more sturdy then people think.

If this is something you wouldn't mind, you can PM me and we can talk further. I can quote you once I find out how long you want it, and where you live so I know how far it's going (so I can calculate shipping).

Just for the heck of it, here's the other one I did with this foam:
It's a sword from Naruto. Character is Darui, or something like that..Idk, I don't watch it lol
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