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Originally Posted by chewyd View Post
Awesome! Thanks for the info. I'd never thought of using particle board. Do you think I'd be able to achieve that hammered metal look from MDF board, paint, and rub n buff? If so, how?

Thanks again, this has been really helpful
I like Ammmnra's tips for creating a weathered looking piece (grunging stuff up) which is what I assume you mean.

First, sand the piece with something gritty to give it some texture and personality (opinion, don't take this as the Bible).

Paint it in black first - I always use black for a base-coat. Then, paint a single layer of gold acrylic. Then, rub and buff it. Be uneven if you want it antiquey looking. For a look with character, try pressing "cuts" or dents into it (put some pebbles on it and pound them in with a hammer and pick them out or use a blade to create jagged cuts or nicks) and then smoothing them over in rub and buff the way it appears in the show. You may decide you like it best smooth.

Next, weather it. Take the paint brush and paint some black acrylic on your hands (not too much, just a dab). Clean your paint brush, dip it in water and paint water onto your hands so you're all messy. Slap your hands together and rub it around.

Next, molest your piece. Get it nice and gunked up. Feel it up - every nook and cranny. When you're done, use a final layer of gold rub and buff to even out the color or cover up any spots that are too dirty.

Seal it with a spray paint seal if you want a shiny finish or just rock it as is.
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