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NYAF/NYCC 2013 Gatherings

Hey guys! I'm going to be attending New York Comic Con and I wanted to make some gatherings for everyone so that it would be a lot easier for everyone and all of you guys can arrange photoshoots and what not Also, I'm going to make a huge Google Doc thing with all the groups and the gathering locations and times so it'll be easier for everyone

Soooo let's start off.
Also guys, be specific about the time, location and the anime/manga/game you're going to gather as.

I want to organize a Sword Art Online gathering at NYCC. Anyone interested? Just reply here with the character you're going to be and I'll make a large list in a Google docs thing and everyone can see it xD

And also, don' be alarmed if you see this in other forums. I'm going to post in it multiple forums so that we can make sure we get everyone's opinion on this stuff
Working on:
  • Kirito (Sword Art Online)
  • Shu Ouma (Guilty Crown)

  • Len (Love is War)

Going to:
  • NYCC 2013 (Saturday or Sunday)
  • Anime Boston 2014
  • (?) Conneticon 2014
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