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Making Stocking Anarchy more Stocking like

I have my costume down (its all pieces in my closet, like most everything) for Stocking Anarchy (Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt). I have the wig coming in the mail and need to get my stockings. More or less, the actual costume is done.

Accessories are my problem. I know Stocking loves her sweets, something I can get on board with. Instead of her hairbow, I'm thinking of using my mini-crown. I won't be making Stripes I (her sword), but then I feel like the costume is missing some prop. Any suggestions? Was thinking making a heart-shaped chocolate lollipop with "CHOCOLAT," her & Patrick Fagry's song, written on it.

Suggestions/ideas to make it more apparent that I'm not just wearing a random crazy wig or trying to look lolita? Not sure how popular P&SwG is! A lot of people also use the transformation outfit for cosplay I've noticed.
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