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Question Best way to make dark eyebrows, red?

Hi! So, I'm planning to cosplay as yoko, but i have dark eyebrows, which doesn't look the best with red hair! I know of the paint method, eyeshadow, lipliner/stick, and all of that- I was leaning on lipliner, and setting it with eyeshadow. I found WOWWOW red eyeshadow ($15) and MAC "Cherry" lipliner ($15) but i didn't want to spend $30 on makeup i'll only use once, even more so when my cosplay price is already tipping on $500-600 D:
So does anybody else have and good recommendations for a red lipliner/eyeshadow that's red, inexpensive, and longlasting?

tl;dr: need a good, cheap red lipliner and eyeshadow xD
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