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I am also a 32DDD, (I feel your pain girly!) and I get comments from people all the time. I am also extremely self conscious and tend to "shut down" at any comments from anyone about my body. I've been told I can't wear certain costumes because that character "isn't supposed to have a full chest" or "you can't pull off that character with such a full chest." It is indeed very discouraging, but really anyone who is saying such things is a fool with no better way to spend their time than insulting others. You should be able to embrace your own appearance and have fun in your costume (that was the whole point, right? To have fun hehe ^_^ ) And while it's true that no matter where you go, there will always be rude/foolish people full of insults, and though its easy to say but not to do (trust me, I know) You have to learn not to let these negative comments rule your life. It's your life, be who you were created to be, and who you want to be
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