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during closing ceremonies at AX I was sitting next to 3 members of PRESS, when i overheard them saying they were really looking forward to attending AM2 this year and see what Chase had in store for the Con, well when I told them that AM2 was Canceled, they argued with me for 10 minutes saying it was not canceled, where did I get my info, so i told them well (people are getting some refunds back and Anaheim Convention center does not have the date anymore and the Website has had no updates since February, ect.ect and so they took at website and facebook, and then believed me, one of the men was angry because he is friends with Chase and was wondering why Chase never told him about the cancellation.. he already had hotel and flight book.

i am glad i did not book hotel or buy my badge/passport for AM2, something told me not to earlier in the year, I'm glad i listened to myself lol
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