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That's the thing, the people who said early on that it was cancelled, were shot down or accused of rumor-mongering. Eventually all the solid evidence came in that it was indeed cancelled, but by then most people who had known back then; had already moved on and forgotten about it, or were through talking about what happened. Personally I was writing this con off after Wondercon, back in March. Anyways all that is done, talking about it postmortem really.

The best anyone can do at this point is just to make sure everyone knows, the website isn't going to update before it goes down in November; if those press guys didn't know it was cancelled, I wonder who else doesn't know. I know all my friends know, but a lot of people who go to cons might be outside of the usual circles. I wouldn't advise arguing with anyone (it's a waste of time) but at least put all the information out there and let people come to their own conclusions if they insist it is not cancelled.
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