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Unofficial ALA 2014 Gathering list

Hey guys! Guess whats right around the corner? That's right! Anime LA is almost here (Well, few more months, but who's counting?)

Why not get ahead of the schedule and jump to see what the other's are doing/planning for their gatherings? You wouldn't want to spend weeks procrastinating and sewing for your cosplay only to find out that the gatherings booked on the same day as another you planned on attending! Here's how we do it; Name of the series, day, time followed by location. We aren't doing links to the gathering fourm since it takes too much time and too much hassle to try and fix once everything's done...Your gathering will be in bold once you've confirmed everything is correct.

Day 1- Friday, 10th

Attack on Titan- 2pm, Patio

Karneval- 4pm, Poolside

Day 2- Saturday, 11th

Free!/Swimming Anime- 1pm, Pool Deck by the Bridge

Pacific Rim- 2pm, Towards the Bridge of the pool deck

Legend of Zelda*- 1pm, Patio

Yaoi/Yuri gathering- 3pm, Pool Deck

Day 3- Sunday, 12th

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