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Since I'm starting to be active here on this site again, figured I might as well post here! I cosplay as Littlefinger, specifically from the Season 2 episode Garden of Bones, more specifically from the scene in Catelyn's tent where Petyr almost loses his throat. And now, since sharing is caring:

Still have some things to fix. First off, the mockingbird pin cracked in half when I wore it to A-Kon, so that needs to be fixed. Secondly, the tunic is too olive, not nearly dark enough. Sadly, this is after dyeing the fabric twice. Thirdly, I need to find a way to walk with three yards of silk chiffon attached to my shoulder and 14 hooks and eyes holding my tunic shut that doesn't involve feeling like there is a rod rammed up my butt. Last of all, the undergament is too blue. I need to distress it, I ran out of time before the last con. Jury is still out on whether or not this will all be fixed by the next con I am wearing this to (San Japan in August). We shall see, I suppose.

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