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I know this thread is getting a bit old but it so decided to throw in my two cents. I have to admit I was not a big fan of the Con this year, I said as much and why over in the feedback thread, so I won't get into it here. However, I have to say I didn't mind the dissolved forums. I use FB a lot and so I'm easily able to get updates when I need them. I was able to find the photoshoots just fine this year, but then again I was with a cosplayer who was super outgoing so that probably helped. People just told her what she needed to know. *laughs*

Also the price hike didn't bug me, a few years ago they hiked the price from $30 to $40 and then last year it was back down to $30 for Sunday pre-reg. So a $5 hike isn't that big a deal to me. Also considering that the Emerald City Comic Con is two weeks, and sometimes the week, before Sakura the poor staff has a lot to compete with. I know ECCC raised there prices a bunch as well which was not thrilling for my brother and his friends who hit the ECCC every year. Anyway my point is in comparison we are still getting off easy price wise.
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