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Look at the adorable evil people. <3

@asthompson, I don't know how tall/broad you are (you mentioned wanting to minimise it), but be it the pattern, scale of the fabric pattern, or whatever - it works !

@Biscuit, I think your best bet is like what asthompson did - looking at fabric stores in person. I've noticed that the different JoAnn's in my area have different stock and may or may not be what they have on-line.

However, I just checked my usual places and saw this...

I don't know how much fabric you'll need for the whole dress, but this fabric is pretty good. They only have 5 yards, but you could e-mail them and ask if they are able to get more or will be restocking (I've bought from them multiple times and they are very nice !).

However, here's a link to some close ups - and you can see that once again the colours in real life are a bit difrerent than you see in post-processing - so it's up to you which and how you want to choose.

@Yazoo_the_Kazoo, what is the fabric made out of (cotton, rayon, polyester, etc) ? What dyes have you tried and was it done in a washing machine or another way ? What kind of hook-and-eyes did you use ? The ones that come in the little plastic containers are JoAnn's are evil - the hook-and-eye tape like this tends to be much sturdier. Other options are creating an internal placket that holds either lacing, ties, or even buttons or snaps or something - heck, even a zipper (if you stagger it, it will be absolutely invisible).

I'd pin the sash at several points (not just the shoulder). It will still be physically in the way of your leg, but at least you won't have to worry about it falling off. Those tiny gold safety pins would be perfect - pins were actually used quite a lot historically, too.

Not sure what colour the under-part is supposed to be, but it's possible you could dip it in the dye when you re-dye the top. Not leaving it in for the whole time, just staining it. Something about birds and stones, you know.

I finished the first band of embroidery :

I'll be drawing the other one on tonight onto the other sleeve - I decided to do the "more tedious" parts first rather than immediately do the vines on this one and then have to start completely over.

And I did a bit with my Spoonflower file :

In case no one knows why I'm doing this Reference Picture. The embroidery that's done is the part you can barely see.
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