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Originally Posted by Kelley View Post
@Yazoo_the_Kazoo, what is the fabric made out of (cotton, rayon, polyester, etc) ? What dyes have you tried and was it done in a washing machine or another way ? What kind of hook-and-eyes did you use ? The ones that come in the little plastic containers are JoAnn's are evil - the hook-and-eye tape like this tends to be much sturdier. Other options are creating an internal placket that holds either lacing, ties, or even buttons or snaps or something - heck, even a zipper (if you stagger it, it will be absolutely invisible).

I'd pin the sash at several points (not just the shoulder). It will still be physically in the way of your leg, but at least you won't have to worry about it falling off. Those tiny gold safety pins would be perfect - pins were actually used quite a lot historically, too.

Not sure what colour the under-part is supposed to be, but it's possible you could dip it in the dye when you re-dye the top. Not leaving it in for the whole time, just staining it. Something about birds and stones, you know.
The fabric is a cotton weave, and both times I've dyed it stovetop in a gigantic pot with Jacquard dye, which I've found to be quite dependable typically, this fabric just needs a lot of encouragement, I suppose. They are individual hooks and eyes (the site I bought the fabric from didn't carry tape), and they aren't the hugest problem, but I might switch them out. I do want to stick to hooks and eyes though, as that is what they use on Aiden Gillen's costume.
I know, no one sees it. I'm a glutton for punishment.
The chiffon sash is held on at several points, it's just cumbersome by nature. Slightly heavy, it catches on things as you walk by, even when pinned it kind of shifts, if you sit or bend down you typically stand on it accidentally and nearly kill yourself when you fall back to the ground...
As for the undergarment, the one with this tunic is supposed to be a distressed sort of steel blue. The gauze I bought actually was supposed to be steel blue, I was very surprised when it arrived and it was turquoise (he does have an outfit where his under- tunic is turquoise, but it's a season 3 outfit, not this one). I have the dye, I just need to stop being lazy about it.

Edit: Ignore that picture I posted, it is the one I was looking for,, but not nearly high enough resolution to show what I'm talking about, I'm on my iPad, I don't have my reference folder with me.

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