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@myalchod, Post embroidery pictures, doo eeet !

@Yazoo_the_Kazoo, was it the iDye or procion ? If it was a procion dye I'd be a little worried that something is up with the fabric (like a finish or something that's preventing results). If it *wasn't* a procion, that should be worth a shot - and you can lose a lot without fixatives. I feel like you probably DID do that, but it's worth mentioning just in case.

Hook-and-eye are a good choice (I'm probably going to use them - it will be easy to install and fast to get in and out of and avoid the rippling that zippers like to do when they shear), it's just some of the that don't want to behave. You could try taking a hammer to the hooks to see if you can get them to grip a bit more.

It's funny when you do finally "get used to" an annoying and needy garment and find yourself still making the adjustments to accomodate it even when it's not there. :P

I have an extra month to get this done, but I'm still overwhelmed and worried that it won't be enough time. Why am I not working on it right now, what's wrong with me, fffff.
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