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Originally Posted by Diegator View Post
Woo, good to be back! I feel like I've missed a year's worth of posts or something.
Working on a Sailor Pluto, because, why not?
Looking forward to seeing how that turns out! Pluto was a very close second to Mercury, and definitely my next senshi if I ever get my lazy butt around to making another one.

In fact, it's rather sad I haven't gotten around to Pluto yet, seeing as how I made absolutely everything on my costume detachable and therefore completely reusable and interchangeable for any and all senshi. I even have a tank top leotard for Pluto's first form already since I use it for Eternal Mercury, so all I need to do is get some black fabric and do some shopping for the boots, wig, and accessories.

Actually, come to think of it, now I remember why I haven't gotten around to Pluto: Dat staff. I love her staff and I would totally love to make one, but if there is one pitfall of living so far away from my parents it is the lack of access to a garage worth of tools and miscellaneous scraps of wood and other makeshift prop-making materials. Maybe I'll have to take a weekend home and just spend it cranking one out. I did get some excellent tips from a couple of Plutos at Acen, so hopefully I can turn that into a one-day staff.
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