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Name of Commissioner: Mykaios aka Fate/Cosplay

Website/ gallery:

Character commissioned: Sakura (hime version) from Sakura Hime Kaden

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: Sadly, I have not received the cosplay

Timeline: Commissioned August of 2012! Item was supposed to be completed by February 2013, but was not! Item was supposed to be mailed out before Anime Expo, and it was not! Item was supposed to be mailed out to me again by July 24, 2013, and it was not!

Describe your Experience: I am writing this review so that nobody else will make the same mistake I made in commissioning from Mykaios. I had seen pictures of her work and thought she did great work, or else I would have never commissioned from her.

I approached Mykaios last August to see if this commission would be something she could do. After receiving an affirmative and quote, I promptly paid of the commission price upfront to set a slot of her time to make my cosplay. A signed contract between us set the finish date for February 2013 as I wanted the cosplay in time for Anime Expo in July 2013. She continued to promise to get the cosplay done and mailed, but it never was done. Sadly, I had planned many of my con activities and photo shoots around this cosplay that I never received from this commissioner. I told her I needed progress photos as well, and these were never provided. I was given a FedEx tracking number last week by Mykaois, and by yesterday she was supposed to have dropped off the package to be mailed. After confirming with a FedEx representative, she never gave the package to FedEx to deliver!

Now, I am done with her games. I have been more than patient with her up until now. I will submit an Internet crime report against her if she does not ship my cosplay in August, which is my final deadline for her. How many deadlines do we need to make and break?! I will not have any choice but to submit a fraud claim against her if she will not have the decency to at least refund my money for goods not delivered. I have saved correspondence to validate my claims. If she should actually deliver the cosplay to me, I can update this review as well.

Pros: She seemed to do good work and will reply to messages quickly.

Cons: I did not get my cosplay! She continued to give me false promises of it being completed and being mailed out, and it never was. This is unprofessional and unacceptable!

Final Grade: F

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