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ALA 2014 Touhou Project Gathering

It is I the Eirin cosplayer from last year's gathering back at it once again to host Anime Los Angeles 2014 Touhou Project Gathering and once again it will be fun filled experience. Hopefully this time around I'll spread the word a bit more about the gathering thru all forms of social media. I'll update the thread frequently to add people to the roster thru social media (facebook, skype, deviantart, here on, and so on)

DATE: Saturday January 11, 2014
TIME: 4:00 PM
LOCATION: Patio Area

PC-98 Era (Touhou 1-5)

Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil (Touhou 6)
Amethyst Nat-Remilia Scarlet (Formal Version)
Candy (Facebook)-Patchouli Knowledge

Perfect Cherry Blossom (Touhou 7)
Choxie Chan (DA)-Chen (?)

Imperishable Night (Touhou 8)
jay421501-Eirin Yagokoro
xiledsoviet-Kaguya Houraisan
Rahze (DA)-Fujiwara No Mokou

Phantasmagoria of Flower View (Touhou 9)
Lucas (Facebook)-Shikieiki Yamaxanadu

Mountain of Faith (Touhou 10)
Daru (Facebook)-Momiji Inubashiri

Subterranean Animism (Touhou 11)

Undefined Fantastic Object (Touhou 12)
Moxcats (DA)-Byakuren Hijiri

Ten Desires (Touhou 13)
Alice (Facebook)-Yoshika Miyako
SkyhawkTenshi14-Toyosatomimi no Miko

Double Dealing Character (Touhou 14)

Fighting Games (Immaterial and Missing Power, Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, Hisoutensoku, Hopeless Masquerade)
Haku (Facebook)-Suika Ibuki

Photography Games (Shoot the Bullet, Double Spoiler)
Jerry (Facebook)-Hatate Himekaidou (?)

Variations (Touhouvania, Alternate colors, Genderswaps, etc.)
BigBossBigNeko (DA)-Marisa Kirisame Warfighter Version
eBaySniper-Marisa Kirisame (Touhouvania Version)
Justin B. (Facebook)-Remilia Scarlet (Touhouvania Version)

Misscellaneous Characters

Hope to see all the touhou cosplayers out there for the gathering and have fun it. More detalis will be announced withing the coming weeks since thread just got started.
Convention Schedule/Cosplay
Anime Los Angeles 2017 (January 27-29 2017) Teitoku (KanColle), Meira (Touhou Project)


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