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Sort of lengthy review.

Name of Commissioner

Website/ gallery

Character commissioned and series/video game (please include if this was the entire costume, just a jacket, prop, accessory, wig, etc.)
Asuka Plugsuit + Winry casual clothes full costume. Including back pack and hair clips.

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item
I have not received the items.

Timeline (how long your order took to process)
Almost about a year ago. My con was May 31st 2013

Describe your Experience. Mykaios contacted me almost over a year ago because I was looking to get Asuka plugsuit comissioned. She worked out a payment plan and all that which was great. Anyway as time drew newer she promised me my commissioned item would be done and I held her to that because after all I did also commission a wig from her to which she delivered that on time and effectively.

But as my con drew closer and I messaged her quite frequently she waited till the very last minute to ship my cosplay so she says...and by last mean she shipped it the day my con started. I even went back home and waited because she said she shipped it express mail and I have bought and shipped plenty of stuff online to know how long items take. My con came and went and I was absolutely furious. Alas I just wanted my freaking commissioned item after that. Its excuse after excuse. Its now literally two months since my con and I have not received what I paid for MONTHS AGO.

So all in short. If being a commissioner is your job and if it pays for the roof over your head and feeds you. There is no excuse to why one can't ENSURE they do their job effectively and ship out the items WEEKS BEFORE or even a week before to ensure that the item gets to the customer.
My opinion I understand everyone has a personal life, but everyone has responsibilities as well. If you have time to go to family stuff or go to job interviews or register for classes. You sure have time to ship an item that is finished. Car or not if you have a job and you are passionate about it you try and do your job the best you can. Not to mention if you are behind WHY the heck would you take on more commissions?! That is mind-blowing to me perhaps its because partial payment is paid upfront. Another point I'd like to make is if a Con in your area is coming up I think its absolutely unfair to put those commissions in front of those you failed to deliver and their con is way past due. People still want their items.

Side note. I run 2 business, in addition to a "real" job with a company one includes shipping things out. It doesn't matter if I am going to a family gathering or going to an important meeting. If I someone bought an item from me I will make sure it is a priority to make sure that item is shipped to get to my customer as soon as possible. Meaning if I have to take this item with me before I go to either of the events above I will do it because its a job.

I just want my commissioned item and I think its ridiculous that I have to wait till after Otakon to get my item I think that is very unprofessional and very unfair to me as well as others who are waiting for their items from this commissioner.

That was my hard earn money I entrusted to you because to me I thought this commissioner would take their job very seriously. I was wrong. I will not make that mistake again. Its excuse after excuse. We both signed a contract for my commissioned item. I held up my deal of the contract this commissioner failed to hold up her end the deal.

Pros: Answers emails and messages quickly and effectively was really good for discussing changes in fabric and what not but that's it.

Cons: I did not receive either of my cosplays I had paid for months ago. Does not really give you any progress photos. (I did receive some of my wig) but not my main commissioned items from her. Ships things VERY last minute. Procrastinates it seems and seems to not take being a commissioner seriously. Just apologies and excuses. Words are one thing actions speak louder than words.

Comments. Perhaps this commissioner should really stick to wigs and small things before committing to take on big projects. She really needs to stop taking in new commissions and send out PAST DUE commissions and work on not doing things last minute. Communication is good but other than that this commissioner needs to reevaluate herself and needs to really consider if she is fit to be a commissioner. It doesn't matter how much experience you have or what intricate costumes you have done. If you can't even send out things out on time or you take too many commissions in at once, or even AFTER you are late for a deadline and still fail to deliver. Perhaps you should stop commissioning.

I have been understanding even stood up for this comissioner when someone tried to bad mouth her. I am now fed up and tired of the excuses. I have been respectful and VERY VERY understanding now its just ridiculous and there is no excuse why I have to wait almost 2 months for an item that was promised BEFORE MAY 31ST 2013.

Final Grade:
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