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Originally Posted by konekoanni View Post
Recovering from AX, mostly.

Currently I am working on getting together a group of Sailor Soldiers for AX 2014, to do SuperS versions with! I have almost a complete set just with my friends, so hopefully I can get everything finalized by November-ish so everyone has plenty of time to work on their cosplays.
Awesome! I hope I can make it out to AX again to see this.
::Plans for 2014::
-Riza Hawkeye (fullmetal alchemist) - normal Uniform
-Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail) - (season 1) normal Armor
-Levy McGarden (Fairy Tail) - (season 1) first orange dress
-Kululu (Sgt.Frog) - fem human-version of Kululu, group cosplay
Complete List of all other future cosplay on my Facebook page

-Anime Expo (LA) 2014
-Anime Matsuri (Houston)
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