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The more I play Remember Me the more I like it. It's rough around the edges but most of my gripes are for what it doesn't do. Mostly, I just really really want it to be open world. That, and have skipable cut scenes. I have to think that the reviewers who complained about the fighting didn't really give it a chance. If you try to just punch and kick your way to victory - yeah, it's pretty dull. If you use all the tools the game gives you, it's a lot of fun. Part of what I like is that you have to dodge frequently which is how I like to play anyway. And it makes sense for the character - you're a scrawny girl trying to fight giant dudes and robots. Several times I've thought, "Man, this fight is stupid!" and then realized - no, I am the one who is stupid. I was just using the completely wrong strategy.
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So I blame you Hag. Stop being such a bitch. With... With your brain, n' shit.

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