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Buscuit ~ I LOVE LOVE LOVE your wand! It looks amazing!! I thought about using my wand to do the same thing, but I just can't bring myself to T_T Maybe if I was able to get my hands on a second one I would, but not until then. Fabulousity is right, you are very brave X3

I'm working on sprucing up a couple of my Moonie cosplays too for a con I'm going to in about a month.

The first one is Manga Eternal Sailor Moon, my last pair of wings got lost in my last move, so I'm attempting to make my own ... TAKING SO LONG!!! I dk why I decided to make them so big >_>

The other one is my Manga Princess Serenity, I just recently made the wand and crown, and now I'm gonna take in the waist area of the dress, cuz I don't like how poofy it looks around the waist when I have the petticoat on.

I really need to post some pictures on here, I'm so far behind. Loving looking at everyones progress though! ^_^
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