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Talking ALA 2014 Yaoi/Yuri Gathering

Every year I've gone to this con, everyone asks me if I'm running the ALA Yaoi Gathering. Most likely due to me bearing the Yaoi Flag to every anime con, I suppose.

Well this year I may as well try my hand at it. I already did run a spontaneous one in 2011 and had no megaphone, but it turned out better than expected! So for ALA 2014, I want to host the photo-gathering for Yaoi and Yuri pairings from any and all Anime or Manga series/TV shows/video-games/etc.
Yes, even Disney characters are invited!

Date: 1/11/14/ - Saturday of the con. (this is flexible)
Time: I'm hoping for 3:00pm (this is also flexible)

Attending: Anyone who wants to attend to have photos taken of themselves or anyone who just wants to hang back and take photos of all the love~!

1. No shipping wars. Everyone has the right to love their OTP.
2. Nothing too scandalous! Keep clothing over all your naughty bits.
3. Don't make anyone feel like they MUST participate. If someone is dressed as the other half of your OTP-ship that is missing from the gathering currently, don't drag them into a photo or situation if they DON'T want to. If they want to, fine. If not, just leave it at that and don't hassle them. Different strokes for different folks.
-more rules may/will be added later-

I'd like to know if the day and time is good for many who plan on attending, so please comment below! This will be the second photo-gathering I've ever run and suggestions are much appreciated~!

- Maru the Yaoi Flag Girl.

...oh yes, there will be ribbons~

We have an Event Page on FaceBook~!
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