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Originally Posted by StabbityBlkMage View Post
Looks good so far! I would highly recommend using a rectangular shaft for the scythe to alleviate headaches making the rifle section. I had a circular shaft and tossed it and I am very happy that I did. GL!
I was thinking of making it look rectangular after. My main idea was to use wood planks (I guess that's what they are). I used one in my friends sword because it has a more rectangular handle base and I liked it. I think the one I got was 1.5"wide, 1/4"thick and like 8-10'tall..I was gonna use that in layers for mots way into the berrel (then use a pvc connector as the berrel head), then sand the layered wood enough to glue it into a pipe. It's too hard to tell what the hell it even is suppose to be..I know for sure the black at the bottom of the handle, after the chamder, is rounded though. Not sure if you ever noticed, but there's a piece right after the red chamber area, that's on the black part, and it folds down to make the handle and has a trigger on it..It's better seen here:
It's the part in the cesond pic where it now has a gun handle.
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