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Awesome blackrose. I plan to get my general degree to become a chef and I plan to hopefully do catering, a food truck, and perhaps some fine dinning. I would consider setting up and running a restaurant but you gotta have money for that to start.

I am very interested in creating my own costumes from scratch but the problem with that it seems is that for the down to the core basics that I need to learn its more of an artists question than a cos player. But if i can find one who knows that would be fantastic.

The areas I hope to learn and grown in(you can always learn more of course)are: Wood working, clay working, Light metal working, How to paint and how to detail, make-up, styling, fabrication, design

Its a lot to work on but I have a drive that is never sated until I find what I am looking for =3
Hey there. My names takinam and my goal is to create full cos play costumes from scratch. If you have a tutorial or know something about how to fabricate said items its always appreciated for you to tell me. I'm quite friendly so if you just feel like talk'n that's fine to
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