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PAX and Cream Makeup Transition

Thanks for all the info, this is very educational

I'm doing Minerva Mink from Animaniacs and need to do a full coverage white makeup on my legs and upper torso/face including arms (basically everything the strapless dress doesn't cover). I'm interested in PAX because that is a lot of exposure and I don't want to get makeup on my dress or others, or have to touch up. However, I'm concerned about the reptilian appearance and/or wrinkling, especially on my neck. She's supposed to be a soft animal.

Would it be possible to have a smooth transition between PAX and a cream makeup, perhaps just below the collar bone or similar location? I know color match has been brought up, but if I'm just going with pure white, maybe it wouldn't be so hard? Would it peel and would there be a definite edge to the PAX?

Also, any links to a supplier for the Alcohol Activated makeup should I decide to go that route?
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