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Here's a little introduction about me... Well like i said i've watched some animes and in my point of view they were quite interesting. I never did cosplay cuz i was never encourage to and i never found a character which i could identify myself. In few words i'm the noob of the newbest xDD

Anyway i still find interesting and sometimes i get really amazed by the way some cosplayers dress themselves, it's really awesome. Besides that i love RPG and MMORPG games like lineage2, blade&soul, finalfantasy, MHFU, asura's wrath and dark souls. I would like to try out more games but i'm having hard time to play my own and sometimes i don't have time at all.

Well besides this i don't know what to say more. I hope i caught the attention of some of you.

Waiting for a reply :P
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