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Originally Posted by Zp33dfir3 View Post
i see i may have started with the wrong foot... and i'll take the silence has a no answer.

no problem i'm just here to understand and see what's about cosplay, cuz who knows maybe i'll like it and start doing

Oh Oo! I'll write something here. It takes a while for people to see forums, but I'll gladly be first.

Ok so the reason y I wanted to start cosplaying is because I watched many videos of other people cosplaying and I thought to myself "Hey I want to do that too" And since it was a lot of Hetalia cosplay, I wanted to cosplay Hetalia. I still haven't found a group in my area, but I am in three global, Skype ones with people in other states. And I guess playing as someone ur not or someone different is really fun. And that is wut its more about. Having fun!

Did that help with ur question. Any other question, just ask and someone will answer sooner or later
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