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Yeah that's not bad because you now have two separate things to cos play as that you really enjoy I plan to make my costumes from scratch as much as possible because I find it the most interesting. I plan to cos play as

First up is Flynn rider from the Disney movie tangled

Second I hope is kamina from gurren laggen http://beneaththetangles.files.wordp.../03/kamina.jpg

And I'm sure ill think of some. More that are good to hone my skills

My dream cos play ATM is daemon blade tryndamere from league of legends http://beneaththetangles.files.wordp.../03/kamina.jpg

It will take some much time and effort to make O.O. It's been great to talk to you. I hope to talk some more in the future for sure (not that this convo has to end)

So my question for you is...what's your dream cos play
Hey there. My names takinam and my goal is to create full cos play costumes from scratch. If you have a tutorial or know something about how to fabricate said items its always appreciated for you to tell me. I'm quite friendly so if you just feel like talk'n that's fine to
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