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IMPORTANT: Marketplace Re-opened

(Apologies if the first thread was lost, it was posted under one of the test accounts)

Due to an overwhelming number of user requests, we have reopened the old marketplace system. While we would prefer to eventually create a custom system, for now we’re just going to put the old system in place. However, there are a few important changes, listed below.

Please note that effective Monday, the marketplace forum is closed for new posts and replies. We will keep the listings up for a week or so, but please use the actual marketplace from this point forward.

The classifieds still have the same look and feel of the old version of the site, but they are fully functional. We’ll update the style of it shortly to match the rest of the website. We’ll also put the link back up into the main site navigation.

Feedback: If a user has a feedback rating, it will show as a link (a star) next to their listings, making it easier to get to the feedback info. Hovering over it will also show the number of positive ratings. Clicking on it will send you to their feedback page. If the user has an above-average % of negative ratings, this number will show as well.

Commission businesses may optionally purchase a monthly, highlighted listing. Info is below.

You can only have up to five (5) active ads at any time, though this may change in the future.

Not really a change, just a reiteration: the marketplace is, and always has been, provided AS IS. It is up to you to research who you are working with, especially when it comes to commissions. We do NOT get involved with any personal disputes. Recently we have had the pleasure of the same 5-10 users nailing our PM inboxes with so much he said/she said crap to the point of it becoming absolutely ridiculous. Unless you are complaining about a direct violation of our overall site rules, your PM will be IGNORED.

Any feedback left must be from your own personal experience with the user, and only due to connecting through the marketplace. No exceptions.

Non-cosplay items are no longer allowed. Please don’t ask us to put the category back up, this is a cosplay site. If you really need to offload your anime collection, I hear there is a cool new site called eBay taking the internet by storm.

All previous ads have been removed, but all feedback is still there.

We strongly advise not posting your email address or other personal contact info in your description. Each listing has a PM link on it, so that way you know you’re dealing with someone who has a registered account on the website, which is at least a very basic way of seeing who is actually contacting you.

Most of the rules are the same as before, but please review them as a few have been updated with the new changes.

The marketplace can be found at

Once we have a few people putting ads in there, I will be closing this forum for new posts. You will still be able to read it.

Upgraded/Highlighted Listings (optional service for Commissions only)

If you have a commission business, you may optionally purchase an upgraded listing. This will highlight your listing and place it at the top of your category’s list, similar to having a sticky thread in the forums. The cost is currently $40 for one month, or $100 for three months.

Payments are via Paypal only.

If you would like to upgrade your ad, please create the ad first prior to contacting us. Then, please send an email to advertising AT with the request.

Please note that we don’t do anything other than one- or three-month upgrades. You may optionally set this up as a subscription that will be automatically rebilled each period, which you can cancel at your discretion. This way if your schedule is filling up from having the good listing and you need to suspend your upgrade, you can just cancel the subscription.

Upgraded listings are not currently available for the regular “for sale” categories.

Upgraded listings are in order of when the listing was upgraded, starting with the most recent. If you have an upgrade lasting more than one month, you will simply go back to the top each month.

Upgrading your listing does not give you any other privileges on the website, and you are still subject to all site rules. If your account is suspended or banned for any reason, the cost of your listing is not refundable. This includes being suspended from the marketplace/website for an unusual amount of negative feedback, so please be warned.

If you do not wish to upgrade your listing, please just make a standard listing.

We reserve the right to decline this upgrade service to anyone.

We reserve the right to increase prices in the future. If we raise prices, current upgraded listings will receive their next month at the previous price before the price change applies.
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